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Provisional guidelines on new visa processing system, which will begin on the July 1st have been published. From the start of the month all applicants will be need to be invited before they can make an online submission through the Government’s system.

Changes to the skilled migration application programme were announced last year, though the Government weren’t detailed in their particulars on the changes. So, what do the changes to mean for those hoping to move to the country?

Essentially, it is the name for the online service which allows skilled workers, who would like to migrate to the country express an interest in doing so. Potential migrants record their details through the scheme, this is known as an Expression of Interest. This allows employers, states, or territory governments to find and nominate workers for a skilled visa, or for the Government to invite the skilled worker to place an application for a visa or college essay help.

This means that from the 1st July, anyone interested in a number of visa programs will see it necessary to submit an EOI to receive a visa invitation.

Currently all the information is not in existence and so far only a guide has been released. However, it is a significant change in the way is dealing with its migration.

Visa Programs include:

Independent Migration Business Skills State or Territory Sponsored Migration Family Sponsored Migration Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 457 Programme

What is an Expression of Interest?

EOI’s are not considered to be the same thing as an application, it is treated as a showing of interest you would like to be considered for a skilled visa.

EOI’s don’t require documents, though you may need to furnish some information and if offered an invitation this must all back up claims given in the EOI. Invitations are often received within days of your EOI, so be sure to have all data to hand.

The Exceptions

Transitional Applicants will be allowed to apply under the traditional old points scheme until the 31st December. This includes international students who had applied for or were granted a subclass 485 Skilled Graduate Visa before 8th February

Changes to Student Visas

Reforms to the Student Visa process mean there will be relaxed visa norms. This will take place upon Students with a Confirmation of enrolment from a University at Graduate to Doctoral Degree Level. All applicants must be considered lower risk irrespective of country they come from.

This will change allow more flexible working conditions for students, who can now work up to 40 hours over a fortnight, rather than 20 hours per week. DHR ( Higher Degree by Research) Visa holding students will see a removal of limits on working hours. Both these changes became effective from the 26th of March.

The new Student Visa reforms also mean the Government has relaxed the maximum study limit on the English Language for those with subclass 571 visas who are subject to Assessment level 3 and above. This means the limit is now 50 weeks as opposed to limits of 40 weeks and 30 weeks for Assessment level 3 and higher before the changes.

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